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Let zawa introduce ZTA ceramic tiles for you

Zirconia-alumina composite ceramics (ZTA ceramic tiles)are zirconia toughened alumina ceramics which are good wear-resistant materials. When adding proper zirconia into alumina, the toughness of alumina can be improved significantly.

Zirconia-alumina composite ceramics are made by dry powder after isostatic pressing and then sintering at 1680 degree in tunnel furnaces.The hardness and toughness of ZTA is between alumina ceramic and zirconia ceramic. But its wear resistance and impact resistance is much better than alumina ceramic. Rockwell hardness is HRA82-90.

Compared with alumina products,ZTA ceramic tile has higher density, better wear resistance, and stonger toughness.Compared with zirconia products: ZTA has lower price and higher cost performance.

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