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The characteristic of zirconia ceramic

Zirconia has high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, and a large coefficient of thermal expansion. Stable zirconia has become an important material that cannot be ignored in the refractory industry and special ceramics field.


1) The ceramic foam made of stabilized zirconia can be used for the filtration of high-temperature alloys, and the ceramic foam is used for the filtration of molten steel continuous casting and has achieved a good purification effect.


2) Due to the high hardness of stabilized zirconia, it can be made into cold forming tools, shaping dies, wire drawing dies, cutting tools, grinding media, fish knives, scissors, golf club heads, etc.


3) Stable zirconia has high strength and good toughness, so it can be used to manufacture engine components, such as push rods, connecting rods, bearing cylinder linings, piston caps, zirconia brick,etc.


4) Stabilized zirconia, with semiconducting and sensitive characteristics, can be made into solid electrolyte membranes for high-temperature fuel cells, etc.


Stabilized zirconia has so many advantages, which is a prerequisite for its wide application in various industries. After being developed by the company, zirconia is not only widely used in ceramics, refractory materials, machinery, electronics, optics, optical fiber communications, watch accessories, aerospace, biology, chemistry and other fields. It can also be used in the manufacture of incandescent gas lampshades, enamels, white glass, refractory crucibles, etc. X-ray photography. The abrasive material is used together with yttrium to make the light source lamp in the infrared spectrometer.


Zirconia has two main refractory markets. The first is continuous cast steel refractories, especially isobaric products. These products include liquid outlets and immersion nozzles for intermediate runners and ladle. Zirconium oxide is also used for sliding baffles, especially in the central area exposed to the highest temperature. Partially stabilized calcium oxide and magnesium zirconia are both used, but calcium oxide is generally cheaper. 

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