• Stuffing ball

    Stuffing ball

    Uses: Widely used in petrochemical plants, chemical fiber plants, alkylbenzene plants, aromatics plants, ethylene plants and other plants hydrocracking equipment, refining equipment, catalytic reforming equipment, isomerization equipment, demethylation equipment, etc. .···
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  • Lacy ring packing

    Lacy ring packing

    It is widely used in bottom-filling materials such as hydrocracking units, refining units, catalytic reforming units, isomerization units, and demethylation units in various chemical plants. Its main role is to increase the gas or liquid distribution point, support and ···
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  • Activated alumina ball

    Activated alumina ball

    The main products are special adsorbent for hydrogen peroxide, sulfur recovery catalyst, desiccant for petrochemical industry, polyethylene deashing agent, catalyst carrier for various purposes and hydrogenation catalyst. The product is stable and the production indicat···
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  • Regenerative ball

    Regenerative ball

    The heat storage ball is also called a spherical heat storage body, and the spherical heat storage body has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, large heat storage, high strength, easy cleaning, and reusability. It is suitable for the heat storage ball combus···
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  • Honeycomb ceramic regenerator

    Honeycomb ceramic regenerator

    Honeycomb ceramics have an advantage in terms of catalysts. The honeycomb ceramic material is used as the carrier, and the unique coating material is used to prepare the noble metal, the rare earth metal and the transition metal, thereby having the advantages of high ca···
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  • Ceramic Rubber Steel Plate Trinity

    Ceramic Rubber Steel Plate Trinity

    Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite board is mainly used in anti-wear lining of various equipments and pipelines such as blanking trough, hopper, chute, ball mill inlet and outlet pipe, coal hopper and coal drop pipe. The two-in-one composite board is a composite bo···
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  • Two-in-one composite plate for rollers

    Two-in-one composite plate for rollers

    Main technical indicators of wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite liner:Main technical indicators of wear-resistant ceramicsAlumina content ≥92%Density ≥ 3.6 g/cm3Rockwell hardness ≥ 80 HRACompressive strength ≥850 MpaFracture toughness KΙC ≥4.8MPa•m1/2Bending streng···
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  • Special Lining for Cone Bucket

    Special Lining for Cone Bucket

    According to the customer's demand, we can customize the round cone, square cone bucket and the special round liner of the round cone. It can be pasted, welded, or bolted, and it can be seamlessly constructed as much as possible.
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  • Wear Resistant Ceramic Lining Board for Adhesion

    Wear Resistant Ceramic Lining Board for Adhesion

    High hardness: The alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheet has a Rockwell hardness of more than HRA90, and its hardness is second only to diamond, far exceeding the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.Excellent wear resistance: its wear resistance i···
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