How to make the best performance of wear resistant tile?

Wear resistant tiles are increasingly trusted by industrial and mining enterprises in industrial applications. Their unique wear resistance and stability have achieved excellent results through years of practical application. Some industrial and mining enterprises has some problems when using,such as,falling off of the ceramic tiles or short service life. Let's analyze some of the reasons for the above situations.


The wear-resistant ceramic bricks has obvious advantages,including high strength, good performance, good impact resistance and good stability. The wear resistant tile is formed by condensing alumina powder after being pressed and then fired at a high temperature of 1700°C.Its hardness is second only to diamond. In the case of erosive wear, the wear resistance of ceramics is dozens of times that of ordinary steel. Even if the temperature reaches 1600 degrees Celsius, it will not be deformed, and the wear resistance is almost not lost. Wear-resistant ceramics are used to replace other bulky  materials which can greatly reduce the equipment load.


Due to the strong wear resistance of ceramic tiles during use, the amount of wind and impact resistance is also large. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the selection of ceramic tiles and ceramic adhesives. First, the ceramic tiles should be 92-95 Alumina content, if you choose a variety with a lower alumina content, you will not be able to achieve its performance indicators. Wear-resistant ceramic glue should also choose a relatively high content of ceramic glue, so as to make the ceramic sheet and metal steel plate stick firmly.

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