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Wear-resistant Pipeline and Construction

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The wear-resistant ceramic composite pipes and elbows produced by our company are in the form of welded elbows in the shrimp section. The ceramic part is designed by arching principle. The ceramic block forms a 360-degree mechanical self-supporting structure. The ceramic block is close to the inner wall of the steel pipe. The edges of the contact surfaces of all the ceramic blocks are tapered. The blocks between the blocks are interlocked to ensure that the blocks are not Fall off.

The gap between the porcelain block and the inner wall of the steel pipe is filled with high-temperature wear-resistant cement, and the elbow can withstand the large impact force generated by the material and is used under higher temperature conditions.


1, wear resistance and service life

  The alumina ceramic material is selected to have high hardness and good wear resistance. The wear resistance of the wear-resistant elbow of the arch-structured alumina ceramic elbow is 7 times that of stainless steel and 6 times that of cast steel. Its impact and wear resistance is comparable to that of stainless steel, but it is significantly better than carbon steel, about 1.2 times that of cast steel, far better than cast stone, impact wear is 8-16 times that of cast stone, and the weight is only wear-resistant alloy steel. Half of it. One third of the cast stone pipe.

2, easy to install

 3, the structure is reasonable

The arched structure form 360 degrees. Each porcelain plate is squeezed and self-locking and installed more firmly. The porcelain plate and the steel pipe are filled with high-temperature wear-resistant cement, and the impact resistance and high temperature resistance are more superior.

 4, the running resistance is small

The inner surface is smooth and never rusted, and there is no convex spiral on the inner surface of the seamless steel pipe. Its inner surface smoothness is superior to any metal pipe, slightly lower than the seamless pipe. Therefore, it has the characteristics of low running resistance and can reduce operating costs.

5, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling

a-AL2O3, which is a neutral trait and belongs to the already oxidized substance. Therefore, it has acid and alkali resistance and seawater corrosion resistance, and at the same time has anti-scaling and other characteristics.



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