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Lacy ring packing

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It is widely used in bottom-filling materials such as hydrocracking units, refining units, catalytic reforming units, isomerization units, and demethylation units in various chemical plants. Its main role is to increase the gas or liquid distribution point, support and protect the active catalyst with low strength.

Its characteristics: high purity, high strength, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good thermal shock stability and stable chemical properties. Because of the high open porosity of the Raschig ring packing, large voids, large flux and low resistance, the gas and liquid in the packed tower can pass freely, and the distribution of gas and liquid in the packing layer is better, especially the inner surface of the packing ring. It is easy to be wetted by liquid, regardless of its orientation, the liquid that is sprayed onto the packing, some flow along the outer wall, and some flow along the inner wall. Thus, the degree of liquid dispersion increases and the utilization of the inner surface of the filler increases. Therefore, not only has a large throughput and a low pressure drop, but also the mass transfer efficiency of the tower is high.


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