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Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite board is mainly used in anti-wear lining of various equipments and pipelines such as blanking trough, hopper, chute, ball mill inlet and outlet pipe, coal hopper and coal drop pipe. The two-in-one composite board is a composite body vulcanized by rubber and ceramics. The three-in-one composite board is a bolted steel plate on the rubber bottom layer, forming a liner composed of ceramic, rubber and steel plate. Among them, the rubber has good cushioning performance, which can effectively buffer the strong impact caused by the high drop of material, and can also reduce the noise generated when the material is conveyed. The foldable and curved nature of the rubber allows for no gaps after installation and is suitable for a wide variety of shaped equipment. Alumina ceramics have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and do not adhere to materials. When used, there is no possibility of material jamming.









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