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Lining bricks for ball mill

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Ball mill lining brick is also called high aluminum lining brick, ball mill lining, wear-resistant alumina lining brick, wear-resistant lining brick, alumina lining brick; ball mill lining brick with AL2O3 as raw material, using advanced technology and scientific formula, using two-way Hydraulic press press forming, high temperature natural gas kiln sintering manufacturing. It achieves high hardness, high density, low abrasion, good regularity and corrosion resistance.

Ball mill lining bricks are now mainly used in ball mill lining anti-wear, which plays a very large role in ceramics, cement, paints, pigments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, coatings, inorganic mineral powders and other industries, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency. Reduce grinding costs and reduce product contamination. In addition, the ball mill lining brick is also the grinding body of ball mill, vibrating mill, pot mill and other fine pulverizing equipment. Its pulverization efficiency and wear resistance are much better than mullite and natural stone, mainly used in building ceramics and electronics. Ceramic, industrial ceramics, household ceramics, enamel enterprises, metallurgical enterprises, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, ink companies and other production-oriented enterprises.

Ball mill lining brick specifications and model selection space is also very large, according to the shape of rectangular bricks, trapezoidal bricks, shaped bricks; according to the thickness of 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm seven thickness for everyone to choose .



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