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What is the difference in the installation of wear-resistant ceramic composite plate

Wear-resistant ceramic composite board is mainly divided into two - in - one ceramic rubber composite board and three - in - one ceramic composite board. Three-in-one is mainly composed of ceramic and rubber and steel plate, the hot vulcanization process, alumina ceramics and steel plate vulcanization together, has the characteristics of impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for large equipment to do anti-wear. The installation mode of the three-in-one ceramic composite plate is stud welding, and bolt holes are left on the back of the steel plate. The installation mode of stud welding is more convenient. The two - in - one ceramic rubber composite board is bonded with rubber adhesive. A high-strength adhesive binds the composite boards to the equipment, creating a strong, cushioned anti-wear layer. The two installation methods are very convenient and fast, according to the different use environment of the equipment, so as to choose the appropriate wear-resistant ceramic composite board.1.png

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