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Determine how the regenerative sphere is heated

I believe you have a certain understanding of the knowledge of the heat storage ball. It is necessary to measure it before using it. Then how to heat it when measuring it?

There are two kinds of heating methods for the sample of regenerative ball in the oxidation experiment of electric furnace. First, put the sample into the furnace at room temperature, and then heat the sample to a predetermined temperature at a certain temperature rate, and then hold it for a certain time. The other way is to heat the electric furnace to a predetermined experimental temperature, and then the heat storage ball sample is quickly put into the furnace and hold for a certain time.

In the heating process, if there are other intense chemical reactions besides the oxidation reaction of non-oxides, and the gas reaction occurs, the experimental results of the heat storage ball samples will be greatly different if different heating methods are adopted, and even the opposite results will be obtained.

If the method of rapid heating is used, a large amount of gas will be generated when the heat storage ball sample is put into the furnace, which will affect the experimental results. If the heat storage ball sample is preheated before the oxidation experiment, although the oxidation experiment results of the two heating methods will be different, they should have the same trend of change.

This heating method is very convenient, I believe it is also helpful for you, for the knowledge of heat storage ball for you to introduce this, if you want to know more related knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us.

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