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How to solve the problem of ceramic composite plate falling off?

Ceramic composite panels often fall off, causing many safety risks. Do you know how to solve the problem of ceramic composite plate falling off? The following integrated board insulation manufacturers to share the following points, I hope to help you.

1. Control the quality of the plate. Before pasting, the surface of the plate should be pulled and peeled. In the material conversion, the node design of the transition part should be done well to prevent cracks.

2. The exterior wall surface should be treated before pasting to keep it flat and vertical, so that the wall meets the acceptance standards. If the difference is large, it is necessary to use the method of leveling in time to avoid loose paste caused by shedding phenomenon.

3. When pasting the thermal insulation board, prepare the polymer mortar in strict accordance with the standard and stir it evenly to ensure that the effective bonding area reaches more than 40%. All surrounding areas must be pasted to reduce the phenomenon of falling off the board.

4. Anchor bolts must be made of natural materials. The anchor bolts should not be tilted or loosened and should be lower than the surface of the insulation board. The specifications and models of anchor bolts themselves and the strength of the base are the determining factors of anchoring force, which requires professional operators to operate. At the early stage of construction, anti-crack mortar should be touched first, and then anchor steel wire mesh should be laid, and then anti-crack mortar wrapped steel wire should be coated again.

5. After the completion of construction, the acceptance standard of ceramic composite board shall be implemented according to the regulations, and the time arrangement of the general contractor, supervision and subcontracting shall be made, and on-site inspection and inspection shall be carried out at any time.

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