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Factory one corner - production of alumina welded brick with hole

Zibo Zawa produced a new batch of alumina welded bricks with hole or another way of saying bolted ceramic bricks this week.

This type of wear resistant ceramic bricks normally has one hole in the middle which is convenient for installation. It is bonded with adhesive first and then welded  to steel plate with an iron cap, and finally covered with a ceramic lid for joint bonding. The alumina welded lining has strong impact and high temperature resistance, which solves the problem of limited high temperature adhesion.

We can produce such alumina welded bricks at 92% alumina content or 95% alumina content. If you need more information, pls kindly contact our customer service manager: Amy X.   E-mail: amy@zbzawa.com  mobile&whats app: 18560827597


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