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Attention of alumina ball in slag grinding test

What are the precautions for the test of alumina ball in slag grinding? Don't worry. Here is the relevant information compiled by Xiaobian for you. Let's have a look.

1. Low density grinding body (i.e. high-strength alumina ball) is mainly used for the fine grinding part of slag mill. It is used in the second bin of two bin slag mill or the second and third bins of three bin slag mill. The loading capacity is 50-70% of the total amount of steel ball and steel section.

2. Strictly control the particle size and moisture of the grinding materials (≤ 1.5%), and ensure that the fineness of the materials at the feeding end of the second bin can reach 80% on the premise of reasonable grading of the grinding body in the first bin μ The sieve residue of M is less than 40%.

From the perspective of the above data, not only the output of slag and powder can be saved, but also the quality of alumina ball can be improved after the adjustment.


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