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How to remove the old wear-resistant ceramic plate

After the equipment has been running for a period of time, the wear-resistant ceramic plates pasted with wear-resistant ceramic sheets are seriously worn. At this time, the old wear-resistant ceramic pieces should be removed and replaced with new ones. The customer didn't know how to handle some ceramics because of their strong adhesion.

In fact, wear-resistant ceramic plates can be removed in two ways: high temperature fire or electric pick.

Fire baking here refers to the working state of adhesive wear-resistant ceramic sheets. The principle is that the basic temperature resistance of common glue is below 300 degrees. If the temperature is higher than this, the structure of the glue will be damaged, so as to achieve the purpose of stripping the glue. In fact, the purpose of removing the old lining depends on the external mechanical force.

The above two methods are only common methods for disassembling wear-resistant ceramic parts. When other working conditions are involved, specific problems need to be analyzed.


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