zirconium aluminum composite ball

Compared with alumina products, ZTA ceramics have higher density and higher grinding efficiency; compared with zirconia products: lower price and higher cost performance. Microcrystalline structure, composite crystal image, low porosity, low abrasion; mainly used in non-ferrous metal mines, industrial ceramic powder materials, non-metal powder materials, papermaking, coatings, inks, other powder materials and other fields; suitable for moxa Grinding media for various equipment such as sand mills, ball mills, stirring mills, stripping machines, polishing machines and sanding machines.

High grinding performance: The wear resistance of scientifically formulated ceramic balls is 2-5 times higher than that of ordinary materials.

Good fluidity: Thanks to the advanced preparation process, the surface of the sphere is smooth, the self-lubricating performance of the ceramic is outstanding, and the scientific sorting process ensures the roundness and low wear in the grinding conditions.

Impact and abrasion resistance: Toughened ceramics have good toughness at high temperatures and can be easily handled even when used in equipment with high working strength.

ZTA composite grinding ball has good toughness, suitable for high temperature and high speed grinding equipment;

Product specifications: conventional products: Φ0.5-1mm, Φ1.5mm, Φ2mm, Φ2.5mm, Φ3mm, Φ3.5mm, Φ4mm, Φ5mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm, Φ10mm, Φ13mm.

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