Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite liners

Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite plates are mainly used in the anti-wear lining of various equipment and pipelines such as blanking chutes, hoppers, chutes, ball mill inlet and outlet pipes, coal hoppers and coal pipes. The two-in-one composite board is a composite body vulcanized by rubber and ceramics. The three-in-one composite board is a steel plate with bolts on the rubber bottom layer to form a liner composed of ceramic, rubber and steel plate. 

Among them, the ceramic rubber liner has good cushioning properties, which can effectively cushion the strong impact caused by the high drop of the material, and can also reduce the noise generated when the material is transported. The foldable and bendable nature of the rubber makes no gaps after installation, which is suitable for all kinds of special-shaped equipment. Alumina ceramics have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. They are not contaminated with materials and will not be contaminated and blocked during use.

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