The application of ZTA ceramic tile

Application of ZTA ceramic tile:

1. Thermal power industry

Conveyor system anti-wear: wear-resistant ceramic roller encapsulation;

Anti-wearing of block conveying system: bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer barrel and wheel, belt head hopper, raw coal hopper, coal feeder gate, coal falling pipe, coal mill outlet inclined pipe;

Pneumatic conveying system anti-wear: coal mill barrel, coal mill outlet to separator, powder return pipe, powder feed pipe, dust removal pipe, flue wall, ash discharge pipe, slag discharge pipe, desulfurization pipe;

Ultra-high temperature equipment anti-wear: burner square nozzle, W flame burner cone, tail flue, air preheater baffle, air preheater support rod, coal mill static ring;

2. Steel industry

Conveying system: bucket wheel disc, hopper, silo, belt conveyor skirt, trolley three-way bucket, receiving hopper, ceramic drum encapsulation;

Batching system: mixing silo, primary mixing cylinder, secondary mixing cylinder, mixing disc, mixing cylinder scraper, pelletizing disc;

Sintering system: beneficiation hopper under vibrating screen, raw material transportation chute, cyclone dust collector and pipeline, fan impeller;

3. Cement industry:

Limestone crushing system and raw fuel pre-homogenization system: chute, hopper, ceramic drum coating;

Raw mill system: powder separator guide vane, separator cone, vertical mill to cyclone tube pipe, cyclone tube, fuel mill (steel ball mill), powder separator shell, inner cone, coal powder pipe

Fuel mill (steel ball mill): separator shell, inner cone, pulverized coal pipe, powder return pipe

4. Port industry

Fixed hopper of berth, fixed hopper of bucket wheel, fixed hopper of belt conveyor transfer station, ship unloader hopper, ceramic drum encapsulation

5. Smelting industry

Conveying system: head chute, silo (intermediate silo, tail silo), vibrating screen trough, coke hopper, metering hopper, ceramic drum encapsulation;

Batching system: batching hopper, primary (secondary) mixer

Roasting system: single storage pump calcine pipe, batching hopper, ash hopper, intermediate storage hopper

6. Chemical industry: Conveying system: hopper, silo Dust removal system: dust removal pipe, elbow, fan casing and impeller, cyclone, ceramic drum encapsulation;

7. Coal industry: coal conveying system: chute, hopper, silo

Coal washing system: pressurized cyclone, non-pressure three-product heavy-medium cyclone, non-pressure four-product heavy-medium cyclone, concentration cyclone group

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