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Difference between activity and inertia of alumina ceramic ball

What is the difference between the activity and inertia of alumina balls? Literally, it can be understood as dynamic and static. What is the specific difference between activated alumina ball and inert alumina ball? Under what circumstances will each enterprise have different needs?

 Activity and inert appearance of alumina balls

1. Activated alumina spheres have many capillary channels and large specific surface area.

2. Inert alumina ball is a common aluminum ball

2、 Activity and inertia characteristics of alumina spheres

1. The capillary on activated alumina ball has adsorption function and can adsorb many polar substances. Before, people said it was dynamic. In short, activated alumina is active. When it combines with other substances, it reacts. At the same time, it also has drying and catalysis, and has strong affinity for water, oxide, alkali and acetic acid. High strength, little wear, no softening, no expansion, no pulverization and no cracking.

2. The inert alumina ball is static and will not react with other materials to play a protective role. Resistant to high temperature, acid, alkali, salt and various organic solvents. It is mainly used as a separator before and after loading the catalyst layer in the reaction.

3、 Application of activity and inertia in alumina ball

1. Activated alumina balls are commonly used for deep drying of petroleum pyrolysis gas, ethylene propylene gas, hydrogen production, air separation unit, fluorine-containing hydrogen peroxide treatment, instrument air dryer, etc. At the same time, it can also remove sulfur, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbons and other pollutants in the waste gas, especially suitable for the defluorination treatment of fluorine-containing water.

2. Inert alumina balls are widely used in petroleum, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, natural gas, environmental protection and other industries. As the support and covering material of catalyst in the reactor, inert alumina ball can buffer the impact of liquid and gas entering the reactor on the catalyst, protect the catalyst and improve the distribution of liquid and gas in the reactor.


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