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Application of alumina lining brick

The Rockwell hardness HRA of alumina lining brick is greater than 80, and its main raw material is alumina powder sintered at high temperature. Its texture is similar to ceramics, so it is called alumina ceramics. Its production mode makes it wear-resistant and acid and alkali corrosion resistant. The thickness of ordinary alumina lining brick is 40-90mm. It can be divided into rectangular brick, trapezoidal brick and special-shaped brick, which can be matched according to the cylinder diameter, and the thickness is mainly selected according to the size and material condition of the ball mill.

Alumina lining brick is widely used in chemical industry, ceramics, cement, mining and other industries. Common, such as quartz sanding, kaolin, silica fume, etc. Select appropriate products according to different industries and different pressure products.

I hope the application knowledge of alumina lining brick introduced  can be helpful to you.


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