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How to detect alumina balls in use

Alumina ball is a common product, which is widely used in many industries. So, how to test this product in use?

Detection and measurement of diameter and size: vernier caliper is used to measure the average value from different angles. The allowable size deviation is within plus or minus 3mm, which is determined as qualified product.

Appearance inspection: no obvious depression, crack, etc. are found, so they are judged as qualified products.

Detection of water absorption: sampling detection shall be carried out for each batch of each kiln. After the finished alumina high alumina ball is completely dried, the ball is completely immersed in boiling water, heated and boiled continuously for more than 4 hours, and then taken out to measure its water absorption content. If it exceeds the scope specified in the standard, it shall be regarded as waste.

Wear detection method: take 10kg alumina high alumina ball, put 8kg clean water into the small mill for continuous grinding for 48 hours, and then wear (per hour) = addition amount of pebble - amount after grinding ÷ addition amount × Running time × 100%。

For alumina content detection, spectrometer is used for all element analysis. After subtracting the impurity content and ignition loss, the remaining is the purity content of alumina.

The above is the main content of how to detect alumina balls in use.


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