why ZTA ceramic liner is both wear-resistant and impact-resistant?

Zirconia toughened alumina (abbreviated as ZTA ceramics) is defined as "super wear-resistant and impact-resistant" ceramics, and the model is NMC-ZTA. This composite ceramic material not only exhibits the characteristics of high toughness and high strength of zirconia ceramics , And retains the advantages of alumina's high hardness, which is the strong combination of materials. Its wear resistance has also been greatly improved, especially in the transportation of larger bulk materials, such as: bulk materials, high drop, high impact, and hard materials under special working conditions, The advantages of ZTA ceramic tile liners are particularly prominent.


Equipment name: A cement plant grinds raw material into the mill chute (the blanking point adopts ZTA ceramic liner)


Equipment working condition: The transport medium is massive limestone, the largest material particle: 50-100mm3, the material drop: 3m, temperature: <140°


Life cycle: 37 months so far, still in use.


It can be seen that the ZTA ceramic liner is used for places with large impact force and high drop, and alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners are used for parts with relatively small erosion and easy to wear. Through optimized design, the chute can be made as much as possible. The overall service life is increased.

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