Dehydration Principle of Regenerative Ball

People who often use regenerative balls know that the surface must be dry before use, so that the effect can be achieved. So we usually choose a dryer to deal with it. Today we will understand its dehydration principle.

1. When the dew point is low, the dew point depth can reach - 60 C, and the moisture content can be guaranteed below 3 ppm.

2. Due to the cyclic change of temperature and pressure in the process of adsorption and regeneration of regenerative balls, after a period of operation, the dust of regenerative balls is often carried in the outlet gas, and the multi-filter core dust filter can be used to purify natural gas.

3. Gas enters the filter core from the outside surface, impurities are blocked on the surface and inside of the filter body, and a uniform layer of filter cake is formed on the surface of the filter core. Because of the bridging effect of the regenerative ball itself, the filtering accuracy is further improved.

4. In production practice, factory technicians can decide the replacement frequency of filter element according to temperament condition and running time.

5. Batch use of regenerative balls is needed in industrial production, and the filter element needs to be replaced later.

In industry, regenerative balls can be used as pressure swing adsorbents as well as desiccants. But before using, they must be dehydrated to keep the surface dry.

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