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What are the applications of zirconia bricks in life?

What are the applications of zirconia bricks in life? 

I believe that partners in the refractory industry are no strangers to zirconia bricks, which are also a new material, so today I will tell you about the applications of zirconia bricks in our lives.


In the context of the rapid development of the steel industry and the ever-increasing performance of electronic components, more and more zirconia brick refractory materials are used. Among them, the metallurgical industry uses a large amount and the electronic industry has more characteristics. The refractory materials containing zirconia bricks in the metallurgical industry are mainly cast zircon sand, and stabilized zirconia bricks are basically used for nozzles. The zirconia brick refractories used in the electronics industry take advantage of the chemical stability and phase change toughening mechanism of zirconia brick materials.


Let me introduce the typical applications of zirconia bricks in refractory materials.

1. Good chemical stability, prolong the corrosion of Fe and other metal ions to refractory products.

2. Improve the performance of materials and improve the thermal stability of refractory products.

3. According to the different properties of composite items, the production process can be optimized to improve the performance of refractory products and reduce production costs.

4. The high melting temperature of the composite, the melting temperature of the zirconia brick composite; the higher the production temperature of the low melting mixture.

Zirconia brick refractories refer to products with zirconia bricks as the main component. At present, the domestic requirements of this kind of refractory materials for zirconia bricks are concentrated in the three series of zirconia bricks-calcium oxide, zirconia bricks-magnesia, and zirconia bricks-yttrium oxide, of which the use of zirconia bricks-calcium oxide is relatively large. Jinma has been committed to the research and development and production of refractory products, and has been popularized and applied to many industries, and has produced good results.


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