The difference of ceramic composite liners

1: The ceramic-rubber composite liner adopts a thermal vulcanization process to vulcanize toughened and wear-resistant ceramics and rubber to form a rubber-ceramic two-in-one liner, and then use a high-strength organic adhesive to bond the liner to the inside of the equipment On the shell steel plate, a strong and cushioning anti-wear layer is formed. It combines the advantages of high hardness of ceramics and high cushioning and anti-fatigue properties of rubber, and can well solve the problem of equipment wear in the process of conveying bulk materials. The addition of rubber, in addition to having good anti-wear and anti-corrosion effects, can also prevent production shutdown due to material accumulation and reduce noise.

In addition, toughened and wear-resistant ceramic sheets and special rubber can be directly vulcanized on steel plates with countersunk bolts to form three-in-one wear-resistant ceramic liners of various shapes, which are convenient for installation and replacement.


2: ZTA ceramic tile liner is a new type of super wear-resistant and impact-resistant liner. This product is a ZTA ceramic composite made of zirconium and aluminum vulcanized to a steel plate, using the high toughness and high wear resistance of the ceramic, which is large as a material and has a high drop. , Wear-resistant liner for equipment with strong impact force.


This product uses advanced vulcanization technology to vulcanize ZTA ceramics composited with alumina and zirconia in rubber. Ceramic rubber can also be vulcanized directly on steel plates. The steel plates have countersunk bolts, which increase the liner and equipment room. The firmness ensures the reliability of wear resistance and impact resistance.


3: Composite wear-resistant ceramic liner can be divided into two types of two-in-one composite liner (ceramic + rubber, ceramic + steel plate) and three-in-one composite liner (ceramic + rubber + steel plate). It is widely used for anti-wearing of equipment such as silo, chute and other equipment in coal conveying, ash discharge system, and material conveying batching system. The composite wear-resistant ceramic liner is made of alumina or zirconia wear-resistant ceramics, which are vulcanized and embedded into a steel tank equipped with special rubber under high temperature conditions to form a wear-resistant ceramic composite liner to form a wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and Corrosion anti-wear layer. It is widely used as anti-wear lining for coal conveying and ash discharge systems of cement and thermal power plants, as well as silos, hoppers, chutes and other equipment in the conveying and batching systems of the iron and steel metallurgical industry.

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