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Do you know the characteristic of alumina heat storage ball?

The heat storage ball is also called the spherical heat storage body. The spherical heat storage body has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, large heat storage, high strength, easy cleaning, and reusability. It is suitable for the selection of the regenerative ball combustion system of gas and non-gas fuel industrial furnaces.

• The specific surface area can reach 240m2/m3.

• Many small balls divide the airflow into very small streams. When the airflow flows through the heat storage body, it forms a strong turbulence, which effectively breaks through the boundary layer on the surface of the heat storage body, and because the spherical diameter is small, the conduction radius is small , The thermal resistance is small, the density is high, and the thermal conductivity is good, so it can meet the requirements of frequent and fast reversing of the regenerative burner.

• The regenerator can use 20 to 30 times/h of reversing, and the high-temperature flue gas flow through the regenerator bed can reduce the flue gas to about 130°C and discharge it.

• High-temperature coal gas and air can be preheated to be only about 100°C lower than the flue gas temperature by flowing through the regenerator in the same path, and the temperature efficiency is as high as 90%.

• Due to the small size of the heat storage body and the strong flow capacity of the small pebble bed, even if the resistance increases after dust accumulation, the heat exchange index will not be affected.

• The heat storage pellets have the characteristics of strong oxidation resistance and slag resistance.

• The ceramic ball is very convenient to replace and clean, and it can be reused.

Main specifications of spherical heat storage body: Φ16mm  Φ18mm  Φ20mm  Φ25mm

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