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performance characteristics and uses of activated alumina balls

After understanding the general production process of activated alumina, we summarized the performance characteristics and uses of activated alumina balls:

1 The specific surface area is large. Because the surface of activated alumina has many pore-like structures, the specific surface area is very large, basically reaching 300m2/g. The developed pore structure makes it have excellent adsorptivity, one cubic meter of activity Alumina can absorb 6400g of fluorine, and the commonly used models are 1-2mm, 2-4mm;

2. The characteristics of high mechanical strength, low wear rate, excellent thermal stability, etc. are also the most widely used areas of its application. It is mainly used as a catalyst carrier. 65% of the uses of activated alumina are used on the catalyst carrier, such as Inside the oil purifier used as a transformer;

3. Regenerant: Mainly used in the hydrogen peroxide process, degradation products will be produced during hydrogen peroxide hydrogenation and reverse oxidation, and activated alumina can reduce these degradation products to anthraquinone, which increases the service life of anthraquinone raw materials and reduces In order to reduce the production cost, at the same time, some alkaline substances will be generated in this chemical reaction. Activated alumina can well adsorb the alkaline substances in these working fluids to ensure the smooth purification of hydrogen peroxide. The model used is: γ-type active oxidation aluminum;

4. The air compressor is used in the suction dryer. It mainly absorbs the water vapor generated during the working process of the air compressor to ensure the drying and normality of the air compressor pipeline; the commonly used model as a desiccant is 3-5mm, 4-6mm , 6-8mm, 8-10mm, 10-12mm;

5. Application in air separation unit: Due to the high cost of molecular sieves, activated alumina and molecular sieves are generally used in air separation units. The activated alumina balls with a larger particle size are in the lower layer to absorb water. The upper layer is a molecular sieve; the adsorption performance of activated alumina balls is stronger than that of molecular sieves in an environment with high water vapor concentration, and molecular sieves are stronger than activated alumina balls in terms of deep adsorption, and can adsorb and dry up to -75°; this is also activated alumina One of the main purposes.

6. Activated alumina has also been developed as a water treatment filter material in recent years, which can absorb metal impurities in sewage and ensure the filtration of water bodies.

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