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Ceramic granular glue used for wear resistant tile

Ceramic  granular glue used for wear resistant tile:

1. High temperature ceramic coating wear-resistant granular glue is pure water-based, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

2. Nanocomposite ceramics can achieve dense and smooth ceramicization at a low temperature of 250°C, which is energy-saving and beautiful.

3. Non-sticky water, sugar water, glucose water, etc., non-sticky oil, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

4. The surface of the coating is wear-resistant (wipe 10,000 times with a 1.5KG scouring pad without bottoming), the hardness is 7-9H, the surface is hydrophobic, and has non-stick characteristics (you can use a water-based pen wipe).

5. The coating has a certain thickness (about 30 microns), high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, and good thermal shock resistance (resistant to cold and heat exchange, and will not crack or peel during the service life).

6. Nano inorganic coating, compact structure, stable electrical insulation performance, insulation resistance greater than 200MΩ.

7. The thermal conductivity is stable, good, and the bonding strength is good.

8. The coating has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, as well as high temperature corrosion resistance.

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