Wear-resistant tile glue is used as an adhesive for ceramic and metal

Wear-resistant tile glue is used as an adhesive for ceramic and metal. It is generally used to fix wear-resistant ceramics on planes, elevations, U-shaped surfaces, curved surfaces, metal and other non-metals, etc. The paste form can prevent construction coating When the glue flows during the glue process, it is easier to apply the glue on the metal surface without sagging. Convenient operation is a very important indicator of wear-resistant ceramic glue. Easy operation and strong adhesion can greatly shorten the construction period and replacement cost. In layman's terms, if the glue is used well and the ceramics will not fall off, then the equipment can be used in other conditions. However, if the ceramics fall off after being used for use, it will be troublesome. Stop work, purchase ceramic pieces, and find a construction team. Repairing and drying, not to mention waste of financial and material resources, also affect production. Similarly, if the wear-resistant ceramic glue is not easy to operate, it will also affect the construction cycle.


At present, there are 1:1 and 1:4 wear-resistant ceramic glues on the market. It is best to match the ratio according to the product description when using. The square usage should also be determined by the material, thickness and other data according to the situation, instead of using The more the better. In short, a good wear-resistant ceramic glue can exert its best effect in the hands of the more skilled the master.


Generally speaking, the temperature resistance of the wear-resistant ceramic glue is less than 300 degrees. If it is a high temperature exceeding 300 degrees, it is not recommended to use it. The wear-resistant ceramic glue will undergo qualitative changes in a high temperature environment, causing the ceramic pieces to fall off. So everyone should pay attention to their working temperature when choosing.


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