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The application of wear resistant tile

Alumina wear resistant tile: high-aluminum linings, wear-resistant ceramic linings, pipeline linings, ceramic linings, ceramic mosaics, and paste wear-resistant ceramic linings.

Wear-resistant ceramic tiles are mainly used for mechanical equipment with relatively large wear: thermal power plants, machinery, coal, mining, chemical and other transportation systems with relatively large wear and tear.

Shapes are: square, hexagon


Alumina wear-resistant ceramic brick:


1. The drum of the magnetic separator can extend the service life. The commonly used model is 10*10*3.

2. The diameter of the pipe is less than 500mm and is lined with 10*10mm ceramic sheet

3. The diameter of the pipe is larger than 500mm and the inner lining is 17.5*17.5mm alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheet

4. Wide range of wear-resistant ceramic bonding sheets for coal pulverizers


Wear-resistant tiles with bumps: wear-resistant ceramic sheet with bumps for vulcanization to disperse the impact of materials on the ceramic composite board

 bump mosaic.png

Interlocking slot wear-resistant ceramic lining: Interlocking slot wear-resistant ceramic lining for circular pipe lining, with concave-convex inlaid pin-and-socket buckle, which is not only conducive to the firmness of the ceramic, but also because of the U-shaped bend It effectively protects the material from scouring the ceramic gap.


Comparing the ceramic gap between the card slot plate and the ordinary, I personally think that the card slot plate is more suitable for elbows with larger material scouring.

The trapezoidal ceramic plate itself is relatively firm, and the card slot plate with a thickness of 10mm or more can also be made into a trapezoidal card slot plate. The lock design is added, and the firm performance is stronger.


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