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Zirconia Bricks Properties

Zirconia tile is a kind of shaped refractory brick.Zirconia Brick belongs to acid refractory material with various properties of high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness under load, strong erosion resistance and high density and etc. Zirconia Bricks can be widely used in glass furnace, Ladle, pure steel furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace and so on.


Zirconia Bricks Properties

1.High refractoriness under load

2.Excellent thermal shock resistance

3.Good corrosion resistance

4.High mechanical strength

5.Great creep resistance

6.High density



Zirconia tile Application:

1.Glass melting furnace.

2.Ladle lining in the metallurgical industry.

3.Areas of crown, burner, thermal couple, peep hole, and secondary layer of melter bottom and back lining.

4.Areas of glass tank, such as paving part and secondary layer of paving bottom, back lining, wall and bottom of fore hearth, flowing spout and spinning portion and melter.

5.Upper area of flame space or frequent thermal shock position.

6.Lining of alkali-free or low-alkali glass, sodium-calcium glass, boron-silicate glass, ceramic glass, lead glass, and other technical glass melting furnace.

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