What are the performance characteristics and production process of high aluminum balls?

What is a high alumina filling ball? This is a neutral material with good performance, which is often used as a wear-resistant material. Then, what are the detailed characteristics and production processes of this product?

The characteristics of high-alumina balls as wear-resistant grinding balls: high hardness, high wear resistance, large specific gravity, small volume, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and no pollution. Because of its excellent characteristics, it has been used in the finishing and deep processing of thick and hard materials in different types of ceramics, enamel, glass, and chemical plants.


The manufacturing method of high alumina ball: first add the alumina raw material into the dumping electric arc furnace and melt it into a liquid state, and then dump the electric arc furnace at a certain angle to make the solution flow out of the dumping tank at a certain speed, and make the liquid flow The flat nozzles that are 60 to 90 degrees with the stream blow the liquid flow with a high-speed air flow with a pressure of 0.6-0.8Mpa to form a high-alumina ball.


High alumina ball is a kind of alumina ball, meaning that the alumina content is above 90%. The alumina wear-resistant material industry is one of the industries that are widely used in many domestic industries. You should know that many products in this industry are dedicated to the development of green energy-saving and environmental protection industries. In particular, this wear-resistant material has always been an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, so it is not only widely used, but most people like to use this product.


The above is the main content of the performance characteristics of the high alumina filling ball and the production process.

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