What are the main fuctions of alumina balls?

The alumina ball contains relatively high alumina. This product has good wear resistance. So, what are the main functions?


Based on the ceramics factory, the data shows that grinding mud with 10% cobblestone high alumina ball can shorten the grinding time by 15% than using only cobblestone; grinding mud with aluminum ball and 30% aluminum ball can shorten the grinding than using only aluminum ball About 30% of the time, simply relying on saving electricity costs can save the higher cost of the product in about 2 years. According to reports from some manufacturers, the ball mill uses high-aluminum lining bricks instead of medium-aluminum ceramic raw materials, and the loss of ball stone is less than one-third of the medium-aluminum balls, thereby shortening the grinding time by 20%, making the product quality more stable, and the service life of high-aluminum products. Longer, no need to replace the ball liner frequently, making the overall use more cost-effective. Using this product to grind raw materials can not only save electricity costs, increase output, but also improve the efficiency of the use of machinery, which has a great protective effect on machinery and equipment.


In addition to the ceramics industry, other industries such as timeliness and chemical industry are also trying and using this product for production. Among them, Yingshi factory is mainly used to produce silicon powder. Practice has proved that using high-alumina balls instead of timely balls for grinding can significantly improve output and product quality, such as whiteness and uniformity. Moreover, since the loss rate is not as fast as the timely ball, the labor and time cost of adding the ball is saved. The main problems encountered during use are the high hardness and brittleness of the high-aluminum ball. Dry grinding is likely to cause cracks and potholes on the surface of the pebble, leading to wear. Only by grinding the pebbles before leaving the factory, can the cracked or worn pebbles be picked out and the user's loss can be minimized.


The above is the main content of the good effects of high alumina balls.

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