What is ceramic glue? how to use?

Ceramic glue is widely used in the pasting of wear-resistant ceramic sheets, especially in thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining and other industries that are subject to strong powder erosion or slurry erosion. It is especially suitable for the pasting of wear-resistant ceramic sheets under high temperature working conditions. such as:

1.Sticking of wear-resistant ceramic sheets at the outlet pipe of the coal mill, the inner shell of the powder discharge machine, the dust removal system of the steel plant, and the air duct elbow.

2.Ceramic wear-resistant lining is pasted on the oblique pipe at the exit of the ball mill and the wind shell of the induced draft fan. It can also be used to paste wear-resistant ceramic sheets in steel plants, smelters, silos, and mine carts.

3.Adhesion of wear-resistant ceramic sheets on silos, hoppers and other equipment in coal conveying, ash discharge systems, and metallurgical steel industry's conveying and batching systems. It is also suitable for bonding and repairing mechanical parts under high temperature conditions.


Instructions of ceramic glue:

1. Surface treatment: clean with cleaning agent after polishing or sandblasting to remove dust, oil and rust on the surface of the adhere.

2. Glue allocation: mix the two components uniformly according to A:B (mass ratio) = 1:1.

3. Sizing: Apply the adjusted glue evenly on the surface of the object to be adhered.

4. Curing: It is fully cured in 24h at room temperature or heated to 80℃ for 4h after 2h at room temperature.

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