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How to distinguish the quality of chemical filling balls?

There are many types of chemical filling balls on the market, and there are also many manufacturers. For consumers, choosing good quality products will help their production efficiency. So, how to distinguish the quality of the product?

1. Specific gravity: Taking the alumina ball with a content of 92% as an example, its specific gravity (density) should be above 3.60, and the alumina content should be above 92%. Under the same raw material, same formula and same firing temperature, the smaller the fineness, the higher the specific gravity, and the better the wear resistance.


2. Wear resistance: The more important quality of ball stone is wear resistance. Some testing institutions can also do wear testing. These test reports can show the quality of the pebbles, but the data is for reference only, because the environmental conditions of the laboratory test are very different from the production environmental conditions. The first test was made by water mill, and many manufacturers used dry milling; secondly, in many cases, no other raw materials were added, only the friction between the pellets was added, and various raw materials were added in the actual production process.

The above is the main content of how to distinguish the quality of  chemical filling balls.


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