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What are the advantages of wear resistant tiles?

Wear-resistant tiles/linings have now become one of the most widely used wear-resistant materials and play a huge role in many fields. The key to the universality of wear-resistant ceramic elbows lies in its unique material advantages, so what are the advantages of wear-resistant ceramic elbows? Now the editor will give my friends an inventory.


Advantages of ceramic wear-resistant elbow tiles:


 一: Unique anti-dropping design


1. Media layer.


The high-temperature resistant, high-strength, low-expansion-coefficient inorganic adhesive compound is used between the ceramic sheet and the steel body as the bonding media layer between the steel body and the ceramic sheet, and it can maintain good bonding performance in the high-temperature dry powder pipeline for a long time. No delamination phenomenon occurs.


2. Ceramics.


The structure of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is "pressure on three sides, back pressure on three sides, positive and negative arc", and the ceramic sheet and the ceramic sheet are inlaid and connected with each other, with overall and partial anti-release properties. The wear-resistant ceramic elbow adopts energy storage welding process to weld the ceramic sheet with tapered hole to the steel body through special wear-resistant bolts.


3. Welding and fixing process.


Process 1: Use energy storage welding process to weld ceramic sheets with tapered holes on the steel body through special wear-resistant bolts.


Process 2: Use a heat-resistant steel bowl to directly weld a ceramic sheet with a tapered hole with a buckle on the steel body, and then use a ceramic plug with a buckle to seal the tapered hole on the ceramic sheet. The overall appearance is all ceramic surface.


二:Various structures


Structure 1: (carbon steel) ceramic wear resistant tile + inorganic adhesive + conical nut + welding bolt.


Structure 2: (Carbon steel) ceramic wear resistant tile + welded steel bowl + buckle ceramic plug + inorganic adhesive.

wear resistant hole tile.jpg

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