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What are the application fields of wear-resistant tiles?

The main material of the ceramic wear-resistant tile is alumina, which is also a commonly used wear-resistant ceramic product like the wear-resistant ceramic sheet. It is widely used in various industries and is a widely used material. The following Zibo Zhonghao Ceramics The editor will introduce to friends the application areas of wear-resistant ceramic liners.

According to the official introduction, wear-resistant ceramic liners can be used in coal, conveying systems, pulverizing systems, ash discharge, and dust removal systems in thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port terminals and other companies. On all the mechanical equipment with great wear and tear, all equipment can see its importance. The main application types of wear-resistant ceramic liners are as follows:

1. Chemical plant: mill system pipe, drying kiln, material conveying pipe

2. Titanium dioxide plant: powder separator and system pipeline

3. Coal chemical industry: coal slurry pipeline

4. Glass melting plant: flue and dust removal system, furnace

5. Cement plant: coal mill inlet and outlet pipes, cyclone and inlet and outlet pipes, pulverizer and inlet and outlet pipes, high-temperature circulation fan inlet and outlet pipes, pulverized coal conveying pipes, powder separator and inlet and outlet pipes

6. Power plants: Wear-resistant ceramic liners play an important role in power plants, such as waste-to-energy, coal-fired power generation, waste heat power generation, and straw power generation. Flue, desulfurization system, denitration system, mill inlet and outlet pipes, powder exhaust fan and inlet and outlet pipes, coarse and fine powder separator and inlet and outlet pipes, powder feeding pipes, combustion devices, ash removal equipment and pipes, dust removal pipes, fly ash separation system Pipes and equipment, etc.

7. Dust removal equipment manufacturer: cyclone at the entrance of the dust collector, dust conveying system

8. Coal washing plant: slag washing pipeline, mixer, chain scraper, etc.


Wear-resistant tile is a kind of wear-resistant ceramic product with a wide range of applications, so you must choose a larger and stronger manufacturer when choosing. Zibo Zhonghao Ceramics has been committed to producing wear-resistant ceramic liners , Wear-resistant ceramic sheets and other high-quality wear-resistant ceramic products. The wear-resistant ceramic liner manufactured by our factory is of first-rate quality. Welcome customers and friends to our factory to inspect the product quality.

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