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Why ZTA ceramic tile is an effective means of toughening?

Firstly,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my dear friends!Then Let's discuss about ZTA ceramic together .

ZrO2 toughened Al2O3 ceramics, that is, ZTA ceramic tile, is considered an effective means of toughening.


After several years of hard work, people have a certain understanding of the mechanical properties, preparation process, internal structure and toughening mechanism of ZTA nano phase ceramics, but there are still some problems that need to be further studied. In addition, how to obtain dense nano crystalline ZTA ceramics is also a problem worthy of in-depth discussion. The study found that the addition of nano dispersed phases to the ceramic matrix greatly improved the strength, toughness and high-temperature properties of the material. The introduction of nano-ZrO2 also greatly improved the mechanical properties of Al2O3.


 (zirconium oxide toughened alumina) ZTA ceramic tile::


Compared with alumina products: higher density, better wear resistance, and greatly improved toughness;

Compared with zirconia products: low price and high cost performance;

Specific gravity: 4.2-4.3g/cm3


Studies have shown that the compactness of the submicron Al2O3 and ZrO2 or ZrO2 (3Y) complex with a small initial powder particle size is greater than the density of the micron Al2O3 and ZrO2 or ZrO2 (3Y) composite, and the strength is higher; in heterogeneous particles Evenly separated from each other and less agglomeration, the higher the powder activity, the easier it is to sinter and dense. In order to obtain a dense sintered body, the size and distribution of the original powder of the same material should be as small and narrow as possible.


The key to preparing nano composite ceramics is to make nano particles evenly dispersed in the ceramic matrix. With the rapid development of ultra fine powder preparation technology, people can use a variety of methods, such as sol-gel method-micro emulsion method, CVD method, self-propagating method, in-situ generation method, liquid phase dispersion coating method and other advanced processes Means for preparing single-phase nano-powder or directly making nano-micron composite ceramic materials, which provides a good foundation for the preparation, research and development of nano-composite ceramics. The preparation of ZTA ceramic tiles mainly includes mechanical mixing method, multi-phase suspension mixing method, precipitation coating method and so on. The powders prepared by different preparation processes have a great influence on the performance of the ceramic body. It is understood that the performance of the ceramic body prepared by the liquid mixing method is much better than the mechanical mixing method.


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