Let's zawa tell you the advantages of wear resistant tile

What are the specific characteristics and advantages of wear-resistant tile?Let's ZAWA tell you.


The characteristics of wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining:

Firstly, the hardness of wear-resistant alumina tile is large which Rockwell hardness can reach HRA80-90.Its wear resistance is excellent and the wear resistance can be higher than manganese steel and high chromium cast iron.So it can make the service life of the equipment is much more than ten times.

Secondly, the wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining is very light which density is 3.65g/cm3, so it can greatly reduce the load of the equipment. The wear-resistant lining is firmly bonded on the equipment.The heat-resistant performance is good and it can be operated at 350 degree for a long time without aging.


Advantages of wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining:

Wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material, so it will be no pollution to the environment.Then it has good toughness and seismic performance, strong fracture toughness.So It can effectively prevent the damage and peeling caused by the impact force.And the wear-resistant ceramic lining also has high mechanical strength and good compatibility and integrity.


What is the main application of wear-resistant alumina ceramic linings?


The wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining can be used in the power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, cement, chemical, machinery and other industries,such as ash, coal powder, ore fine powder, tailings, cement, etc.. Alumina ceramic tiles are the ideal materials for of  wear-resistant linings of conveying equipment. Alumina tiles are very safe and reliable for using in high temperature corrosion, high temperature wear and high temperature melting. The data shows that the life of wear-resistant tile is ten to twenty times longer than that of cast stone, wear-resistant alloy cast steel, steel plastic, steel rubber and other materials.

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