What is the advantages of ZTA ceramic tile?

What is the advantages of ZTA ceramic tile?


1. The whiteness of ZTA ceramic tile is close to the high alumina tile , but the price advantage is increasingly obvious.


The name of the high-alumina tile comes from the high alumina content. An important reason why high-aluminum tiles are popular in the ceramic industry is that the products have high whiteness and no pollution to abrasive materials. But recently, the price of domestic alumina powder have been rising because of the environmental protection policies to regulate output and other factors. This directly led to the further increase in the production cost of high aluminum tiles as the main raw material. Although domestic zirconium raw materials also show signs of rising, the production cost of zirconium-aluminum composite tile is still within a controllable range, and there is no substantial price increase. By adding a certain amount of zirconium, the zirconium-aluminum composite ball not only enhances the toughness of the product, but also has a whiteness close to that of the high-aluminum tile. Therefore, compared with the increasingly expensive high aluminum tiles, its price advantage is more and more obvious.


2. The grinding efficiency is equivalent to that of medium and high aluminum tiles, but the product whiteness advantage is obvious.


It is understood that some merchants will feel that the price of high aluminum tile is too high and choose medium and high aluminum tiles with lower prices. However, the whiteness problem of medium and high aluminum tiles also causes some headaches for some merchants who want to grind blanks that require whiteness. The efficiency of zirconium-aluminum composite tile is comparable to that of medium-high aluminum tiles. At the same time, its whiteness is one level higher than that of medium-high aluminum tiles. Therefore, some businesses who have certain requirements for the whiteness of the product prefer to choose zirconium aluminum composite tiles.


3. The cost-effective zirconium aluminum composite tile has broad market prospects at home and abroad.


Now most of the companies that produce zirconium aluminum composite tiles are no longer limited to the domestic market, but have set their sights on overseas markets. Despite the high national standards in foreign countries, especially in Europe, some powerful companies operating zirconium aluminum composite tiles can still open foreign markets. At present, the quality of the zirconium aluminum composite tile is good and the production process is very mature, so ZTA ceramic tile which produced by ZAWA are successfully exported to Vietnam, German,India , Turkey, Egypt, Russia and other countries.

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