The generation story of ZTA ceramic tile

Zirconia toughened alumina composite ceramic tile (ZTA ceramic tile)  is an engineering ceramic material composed of nano zirconia (20%) and nano alumina (80%). It combines the high performance of zirconia and the low cost of alumina ceramics. Therefore, it is recognized by the ceramic material industry as the most cost-effective and widely used engineering ceramics, and has become a leader in the material industry.

The traditional ZTA ceramic generally refers to zirconia toughened alumina ceramic materials, which began to prevail in the early 1990. But because of the backward processing technology and equipment, the processing temperature of products was above 1750 ℃ which makes the cost higher. Compared with zirconia and alumina products,its own cost performance does not have much advantage and its market is gradually replaced by the latter two products.

Now, with the development of science and technology, especially the processing technology of nano-ceramic materials, the obstacles for the manufacture of ZTA ceramics are removed, and its comparative advantage is becoming increasingly obvious. Moreover, in many areas of the national economy, such as mining and the preparation of inorganic non-metallic materials, ultra-fine grinding methods are mostly used. At the same time, in order to avoid iron pollution, reduce processing costs, and improve the quality of processed products, the steel materials of wear-resistant linings, conveying pipes, steel ball mills in grinding equipments are being replaced by ceramic materials. Among these ceramic materials, a new generation of zirconium aluminum composite (ZTA)ceramic tiles and linings are the most widely used as cost-effective products. It is becoming the leading material for people to research and produce structural ceramics.

The new generation of  zirconium toughened composite ZTA ceramic tile has both the hardness and high wear resistance of 99 alumina corundum ceramics and the toughness and strength of 3Y-zirconia ceramics. From the point of view of product performance, it is the best material for the preparation of high-end grinding media and brick lining products that are "wear-resistant, impact-resistant, consistent inside and outside". From the product application, in addition to its own advantages in the field of structural ceramics, ZTA ceramic products can replace zirconia ceramic products with a lower price, and can also be replaced in existing alumina applications to meet the application environment of high-strength impact and to improve the quality of high-purity and ultra-fine products. This substitution has already begun, and its trend will be faster and faster.


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