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Research on zirconia toughened alumina wear-resistant ceramic parts (ZTA)

Research on zirconia toughened alumina wear-resistant ceramic parts (ZTA ceramic tile)

In the processes of industrial production, many working conditions require materials with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. With good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties, more and more oxide ceramic materials have been used in the production and manufacture of wear-resistant components in many fields. In the past, most of these wear-resistant components were made of traditional alumina ceramics, which could meet the wear-resistance requirements of the general working environment. However, in recent years, with the continuous progress and development of new foreign ceramic materials technology, the wear resistance and mechanical strength made by the traditional alumina ceramics in some fields can not meet the requirements of the work. Structural ceramics with higher strength and better wear resistance must be used.Zirconia toughened alumina ceramic (ZTA) is a complex fine ceramic material. The composite ceramics not only show the high toughness and high strength of zirconia ceramics, but also retain the advantages of high hardness of alumina ceramics.With the improvement of this comprehensive mechanical properties, the wear resistance has been greatly improved. ZTA ceramics, a high technology ceramic material, has been applied to the production of wear-resistant ceramic parts.

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