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The classification of chemical filling ball

The inert alumina ceramic chemical filling ball has stable molecular structure, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, extremely low water absorption, and high compressive strength. It is an ideal carrier for various types of catalysts and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, Industries such as coal chemical industry and environmental protection play the role of supporting and covering catalysts.


Inert alumina ceramic ball is referred to as inert ceramic ball or inert filler ceramic ball. It is a kind of ceramic accumulation material mainly processed and produced by high-quality kaolin, feldspar, and alumina powder materials. Inert alumina ceramic balls are processed from high-quality chemical porcelain clay materials. The inert alumina ceramic balls have the characteristics of high strength, high chemical stability and thermal stability. The inert alumina ceramic balls can withstand high temperature, high pressure, acid and alkali. , Salt and various organic solvents. Inert ceramic balls are used as the support and covering material of the catalyst in the reactor, which can buffer the impact of the liquid and gas entering the reactor on the catalyst, protect the catalyst, and improve the distribution of liquid and gas in the reactor.


1. Inert alumina ceramic ball material: feldspar, feldspar-mullite, mullite, mullite-corundum, corundum

2. Technical index of inert alumina ceramic ball: Water absorption ≤5% Acid resistance ≥98%  Alkali resistance ≥80~95% Heat resistance temperature ≥1300~1700℃

3. Chemical composition of inert alumina ceramic balls: feldspar containing Al2O3: 20-30%; feldspar-mullite containing Al2O3: 30-45%; mullite containing Al2O3: 45-70%; mullite Stone-corundum containing Al2O3: 70-90%; corundum containing Al2O3≥90%; Al2O3+SiO2≥90%; Fe2O3≤1%

4. Implementation standard of inert alumina ceramic ball The chemical industry standard of the People's Republic of China  HG/T 3683.1 - 2000 "Industrial ceramic ball-inert ceramic ball"

5. Inert alumina ceramic chemical filling ball size: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm

Note: When ordering inert ceramic balls, the required product specifications, models, and total content of aluminum and silicon components should be mentioned.

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