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The main features of ZTA ceramic tile

Zirconia toughened alumina composite (ZTAceramic tile) is an engineering ceramic material composed of nano zirconia (20%) and nano alumina (80%). It combines the high performance of zirconia and the low cost of alumina ceramics. Therefore, it is recognized by the ceramic material industry as the most cost-effective and widely used engineering ceramics, and has become a leader in the material industry.


Wear resistance: 10-20 times more wear-resistant than ordinary pipes under the same conditions;

Corrosion resistance: ceramic lining and inorganic binder can resist acid and alkali corrosion;

High temperature resistance: It can be operated at 150℃ for a long time, and the general working conditions can be satisfied;

Staggered pasting: straight pipe and bifurcated pipe lining ceramic sheets are all pasted in a staggered manner, and the elbow is pasted staggered on the inner wall of the tube at 120° outside the elbow to prevent airflow from scouring the ceramic along the wind direction;

The inner and outer walls are smooth, and the air flow is unobstructed: the smooth surface allows materials to pass freely without material hanging and blocking;

Easy to install: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easy to handle, save manpower, easier and faster to install, and can easily erect higher pipes;

Reduce maintenance: The super abrasion resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving cost and labor.

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