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The application of ZTA ceramic tile in steel industry

As wear resistant liners,ZTA  ceramic tiles are used in heavy-wear parts in large ore terminals such as Rizhao Port, Tangshan Port and Qingdao Port. The service life is about 4 times that of the original alumina ceramic liner or other materials. The application effect very good.


In the transportation system of iron and steel industry, a dense phase conveying system is generally used, which uses airflow to convey granular materials in a closed pipeline. So the conveying volume is large, the conveying distance is long, and the conveying speed is high. However, there are also heavy problems,such as pipeline wear, frequent replacements, pollute the environment and affect production efficiency,etc. The workers in the steel industry are deeply disturbed and miserable.


According to the reaction of the steel production personnel, the traditional dust removal pipe can only be used for about three months in the early stage, and the process of centrifugal casting material + cement backpack is used. Zawa company adopts the ZTA ceramic staggered stitching and pasting process, and it has been used for more than 1.5 years, and everything is running normally, and it has been well received by customers. 

Aiming at high-wear conditions, Zawa Ceramics Co., Ltd. has developed ZTA ceramic tile composite liner, which is a zirconia and alumina composite liner with the following characteristics:

1. The toughness of zirconia ceramics, which has the hardness of alumina ceramics, is resistant to abrasion and impact resistance;

2. Light weight, smooth surface, no sticking, no blocking;

3. Flexible design, size can be designed according to site conditions;

4. Long service life, greatly reducing the frequency of replacing the liner.



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