How to install the weldable ceramic tiles?

As a professional alumina cerramic wear resistant tiles manufacturer in Shandong province, Zawa Ceramics afford the solution for industries and solve the client’s industrial wear problem. Many customers asked us the weldable tile and its installation, such as one client require the alumina ceramic plate inclusive the hole + plug(block) with shell. In the hole there should put a steel plug / shell and weld the plate in the bunker and need a ceramic (AL2O3 92%) circle to close the hole.Zawa Ceramic company make sure that we can produce alumina ceramic weldable alumina tiles as clients’ requirement, and we attach a drawing of standard weldable tile and its installation for their reference.


Installation method of weldable tile:

1. Cleaning the device surface first

2. Mixing the epoxy resin adhesive as per requested proportion. The adhesive must be used up within 30 minutes after mixing.

3. Applying the mixed epoxy resin adhesive onto the back of alumina tiles or by large installation areas direct on the steel construction.

4. Putting the weldable ceramic tiles on the casing and pressing the welding washer(welding insert/wedding metal) into the hole carefully.

5. Welding: the normal welding washer(welding insert/wedding metal) is cold rolled steel which can be plug welded using conventional welding procedures.

6. Placing a little epoxy resin adhesive into the hole and then carefully pressing the ceramic plug(ceramic cap) into the adhesive.


wear resistant lining.jpg

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