zawa tells you the advantage of ZTA ceramic tiles

Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ceramics tiles also named as ZTA ceramic tiles and zirconium oxide ceramic tiles, which is white. Its corrosion resistance, chemical stability is very good.Zirconia toughened alumina is a composite of alumina and zirconia which leads to an increase in strength and fracture toughness compared to other alumina.As a special combination of aluminum oxide and 10-30% zirconium oxide,ZAWACeramics technicians mix high purity alumina with zirconia by the process of transformation toughening,making composite ceramic liner more tougher,harder,wear resistance over alumina alone,and lower cost than zirconia.

1.Excellent Wear Resistance

During the sintering process, an extremely smooth microstructure is achieved which leads to superior wear performance.

2.Increased Fracture Toughness

The high fracture toughness gives it very good edge strength and makes the material ideal for components subjected to impact loading.

3.Good Thermal Conductivity

ZTA materials provide for good dissipation of heat generated by friction.


4. Higher strength than alumina ceramic


5. Lower cost than zirconia products

ZAWA ZTA ceramic tiles can be produced into ceramic plain type, arc type, cube, cylinder, hex tile etc.Special machinery parts are also customized designed with CAD drawings.In order to better take advantage of ZTA, ZAWA usually vulcanize ZTA to rubber and steel and install bolts on the back of the steel.We called the combination as wear ZTA ceramic rubber liner. Customers can easily install the product on site.

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