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How to cut alumina ceramic wear resistant tiles?

ZAWA company produce kinds of alumina ceramic wear resistant tiles with 92%, 95% Al2O3 component. In the application process, irregular and the regular alumina ceramic tiles can not be used. To solve this problem, we need  to cut the engineered alumina ceramics, which shape and size are 100% meet the installed surface.


So how to cut alumina ceramic? Let zawa company shares 2 cutting alumina ceramic methods with you here:


Method 1 of cutting alumina ceramic:

Firstly,putting aluminum oxide ceramic tile in equipment surface, than cut the ceramic tile according to actual wear protective area size; This method needs cutting machine and diamond blade.

Advantage:This way can meet the flexible demand in your install or repair process. You can use it at your workshop.

Disadvantage: The cutting time is long because of the high hardness of alumina ceramics. The cutting surface should be easy.


Method 2 of cutting alumina ceramic:

Cut semi-finished alumina tiles with cutting machine and carving machine. 

Advantages: More Shape More size engineered ceramics can be produce.You directly use the engineered ceramics and don't cut ceramics on site. Saving your install time and the install effect are perfect. 

Disadvantage: The work finished only in the professional wear resistant  tile factories have experienced engineers who know well the of CAD design and with the knowledge of ceramics and the application. This cutting made by the skilled workers.

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