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Let's learn wear resistant tiles together through ZAWA

The wear resistant tiles/lining can be directly processed on the metal pipe lined with high-abrasion alumina engineering ceramics, with its high cost performance, high hardness, good wear resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, powder erosion resistance and so on.It is well-known for its particle impact and high temperature resistance.It has been widely used in thermal power, thermal electricity, steel, heat, cement, exercise, mining, chemical industry, machinery, paper industry, aluminum industry, etc. Compared with stone pipelines, wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipes, and ceramic composite (self-extended) pipes,it is better.


   The following performance advantages of wear resistant tile/lining:


    1. The lining engineering ceramics have high bonding strength, high surface hardness, and excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance;


   2. Various processes can meet different working conditions’ requests: bonding, welding, inlaying, sleeve connection, bolt connection;


    3. The combination of wear-resistant ceramic and substrate is strong and flat, and the temperature resistance function is good (-50℃ to 600℃);


    4. The wear-resistant ceramic has a flat surface and high finish, which can avoid scaling and dust accumulation;


    5. High cost performance, simple manufacturing process;


    6. Light weight, convenient transportation and installation;


    7. The advantages are convenient construction, low price, long service life, and advanced economic benefits.

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