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How about the application of wear resistant tiles?

Now wear resistant tiles have been used in a wide range of applications. Because in many production environments, mechanical wear is a very important loss.Reducing the wear of corresponding mechanical equipment or making the loss caused by wear smaller are the things that many factories are doing.


For our customers, choosing some reliable wear-resistant tiles is also very important. This is also a point that wear-resistant tile manufacturers and wear-resistant liner manufacturers are very concerned about.ZAWA is one of them. In the future, the continuous research and development of some wear-resistant ceramic products that adapt to more severe working conditions will become very important, and the market value of them is also very considerable.


For example, a very common application of wear brick is thermal power plants, because there will be a lot of violent friction between solid particles and plates during the transportation of raw materials and waste slag. The friction is inevitable for the conveying pipelines. Corresponding friction or improving the wear resistance of the plate is very important.


Everyone will certainly notice this. Nowadays, the environment of many coal mines is relatively harsh, and the requirements for the anti-wear performance of the crusher are also relatively high. If ordinary liners are used, equipment damage may soon occur. Therefore, the application of wear resistant tiles is very extensive and promising.

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