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ZAWA tells you why wear-resistant tiles are commonly used

I believe that many friends know about ceramics, and this kind of product is very common in our lives. However, there are not many people who know some types of ceramic products. The main reason is that there are many types of ceramic products, and the value of ceramics of different processes is correspondingly different. With the increasing development of science and technology, wear-resistant ceramic sheets are now used in all walks of life. Here is an introduction to why wear-resistant  tiles  are commonly used:


1. Wear-resistant ceramic tile can withstand high temperatures

The technology of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is reflected in its high temperature resistance. The wear-resistant ceramic sheet can withstand calcination at high temperatures, and its heat transfer capacity is relatively strong, so when we use the wear-resistant ceramic sheet, even at high temperature We will not feel the heat under conditions. Because the molecular structure of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is a three-dimensional molecular structure, its ability to dissipate heat is very strong.


2. The wear-resistant ceramic tile has high hardness

Wear-resistant ceramic sheets are commonly used in industrial production. In many mechanical equipment, we will see wear-resistant ceramic sheets. Because the hardness of wear-resistant ceramic sheets is very strong, its hardness is second only to diamond. The wear-resistant ceramic sheet can withstand nearly 50 kilograms of pressure, and the wear-resistant ceramic sheet will not break under strong pressure. Wear-resistant ceramic sheets can be used in mechanical equipment to increase the service life of mechanical equipment.


Nowadays, the application of wear-resistant tile is more common, not only for these simple applications, but also for many other industrial production and life. The wear-resistant tiles can be used so much, it is inseparable from its basic properties and functions.

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